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Flying Colour Tax offers expert advice and a full range of excise duties registration and compliance services. We have a team of trained professionals who have worked in the field for several years. Business owners often need help understanding UAE taxation laws and must rely on tax professionals to file their returns, which can be costly to manage and maintain. We can provide reliable and quick assistance if you want to outsource tax services and get affordable tax consultation services. Our expert tax consultants can advise you on structuring business activities and ensure that you comply with the law. Besides excise tax, we also offer comprehensive VAT registration services to our clients in the UAE. Contact us today and get a quick quote for free.


Our Excise Tax Services Include


Excise is an indirect tax levied by tax authorities on the consumption of certain products or services that are frequently regarded as harmful to consumer health and the environment, as well as luxury items. They are frequently used to describe products such as alcohol, oil, and tobacco. Countries try to reduce consumption of these products while increasing revenue by imposing excise taxes. The government of the UAE imposes taxes of up to 100% on excisable goods deemed detrimental to health or the environment. If a company imports, manufactures, or stores excisable goods, they are liable to pay the excise tax. We have a team of tax consultants who can help companies with the following services.

Excise Advisory

We can assist businesses in managing excise taxes and planning activities to help offset the taxation impact on their operations.

Excise Registration

We assist our clients with all aspects of tax return preparation and presentation, tax filing, and record keeping.

Excise Compliance

We stay updated with the latest developments in tax laws and utilize a tried-and-true compliance process and tools that yield quick results with minimal variances.

Excise Rate in the UAE

In 2017, the UAE implemented an excise tax. Tobacco, energy, and carbonated beverages are among the excise goods. Electronic smoking devices, as well as the tools and fluids used in such devices, were later added to the list.

  • 50% off carbonated beverages;
  • On tobacco products, 100%;
  • 100 percent on energy drinks;
  • 100% on electronic cigarettes;
  • 50% off any product containing added sugar or sweeteners.

Why Choose Us?

Individual Approach
We understand that each company's needs are distinct. When it comes to excise tax consultation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our services are tailored to each client's specific needs.
Professional Team
Our staff is comprised of professionals who have been working in the field for many years and have gathered a lot of experience. They can advise you about all the aspects of registering your company and how to comply with laws to avoid any penalties.
Quick Services
We respond quickly to all of your taxation requirements. Our tax experts are aware of the latest amendments and can provide precise solutions based on updated laws.

Service Spectrum

Flyingcolour® Tax Consultant and J N J Auditing LLC provide accounting and bookkeeping services, tax related services, auditing, economic substance regulation (ESR) services, anti-money laundering compliance services, tax residency certificate assistance, payroll services, excise tax services, other compliance, and CFO services, etc. through our team of experienced professionals. We cover comprehensive and customized packages tailored to your specific requirements.

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